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Re: (FC-Devel) Re: What is happening with FreeCase ?

> >Can you run UML models?  Action semantics were still being worked out last I
> >heard.
> Do you have any pointers for that? I'm very interested in this topic.

http://uml.simware.com/ was mentioned on the Shlaer Mellor list.  There wasn't
much there when I last looked.

> My only
> resource so far is an (non OMG related) paper on this:
> well-specified actions for UML models
> http://www.projtech.com/pubs/uml98.html

Thanks.  Haven't seen this.

> I think the paper describes a very interesting concept, although it makes the
> implementation of full roundtrip engineering somewhat harder.

Reverse engineering is overrated in my estimation.  It just causes your
modelling language to be as complex as your programming language.  And then
there using it as an excuse for not doing proper design docs.

Chris Moore