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RE: (FC-Devel) Have You Looked at The Dia Project?

snip ...

I can understand your worries. I know it's an amazing bunch of work. The
problem is that you have to build a solid foundation first (=repository)
before you can make any clients work (they can be developed in parallel for
a graet deal, but that's another story). Creating one big app is probably
not the solution in this case ('cause that's what's happening when you drop
CORBA until 1.0). The advantage of using CORBA in this case is that we
already have a strict interface to talk to.

This is true, but it also makes it a heck of a lot harder to develop. As
such it limits who can help. I guess that there aren't that many CORBA
developer just dying to help out. It just seemed to me that there has to be
a simpler way. You guy know the enviroment better than I do.

>> I wish I could help, but right now I feel this project is way
>> over my head.
>> I barely know what UML standards for let alone how to create
>> a CASE tool.
>> Plus, I'm off to work on my Visual Python stuff.

I still agree that this project is way over my head. Wish I could
help...maybe when thinks pick up I could do some documenation.

> Damn. I wish I had my own computer here... This sounds like a challange to
me ;-).

I guess I don't understand what I said sound like a challege. I am trying to
come up with an idea for a Visual Python system.
But, that is not a topic for this group.

> Regards,
> Jeff