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(FC-Devel) What Has Been Happening

Yes, some things have been happening.  Unfortunately it has been mainly
in silence.  I have been doing what Jeff Wolfe suggested and have been
working on architecture and tools issues.

Along with Sami and Chris we have examined all the projects currently
going on.  While they are great and I applaud their efforts, they are
not what FreeCase is supposed to be.

Tools:  Yes, C++, GTK+, OmniORB, XMI.  Same platforms we originally
agreed upon (Linux, Windows98 & NT -- and now 2000 I guess).

I have been using my expertise in the model interchange area.  I have
been lucky enough to be employed where my efforts at my day job
coincides with what we need to do here.

What we need now are some people willing to code.  We especially need
someone to begin the GUI prototype.  Any takers?

Unfortunately, I am in class until Friday or I would be more verbose and
detailed.  Anyone willing to help?  With which areas?  What can I do to
help you get started?

More later when there's time.

Thanks for the interest,