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RE: (FC-Devel) What Has Been Happening

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> From: Dean LaVergne [mailto:deanlav@sprintmail.com]
> Sent: donderdag 10 februari 2000 12:19
> To: freecase-devel@seul.org
> Subject: (FC-Devel) What Has Been Happening
> Yes, some things have been happening.  Unfortunately it has 
> been mainly
> in silence.  I have been doing what Jeff Wolfe suggested and have been
> working on architecture and tools issues.
> Along with Sami and Chris we have examined all the projects currently
> going on.  While they are great and I applaud their efforts, they are
> not what FreeCase is supposed to be.
> Tools:  Yes, C++, GTK+, OmniORB, XMI.  Same platforms we originally
> agreed upon (Linux, Windows98 & NT -- and now 2000 I guess).

What is Yes?

Why OmniOrb and not ORBit? (probably the stage of development...)

No GTK+ wrapper (like Sugar or GTK--)?

> I have been using my expertise in the model interchange area.  I have
> been lucky enough to be employed where my efforts at my day job
> coincides with what we need to do here.
> What we need now are some people willing to code.  We especially need
> someone to begin the GUI prototype.  Any takers?

That would mean somebody has to work on a useable canvas. I have some experience with canvasses (mainly through failure ;-). 

How about the repository? are there any ideas for interfaces? Has somebody found a usable one on the net?

> Unfortunately, I am in class until Friday or I would be more 
> verbose and
> detailed.  Anyone willing to help?  With which areas?  What 
> can I do to
> help you get started?
> More later when there's time.
> Thanks for the interest,
> Dean

I can probably not be contacted before next monday... I'll see what I can do on my repository approach.