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RE: (FC-Devel) What Has Been Happening

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> From: Dean LaVergne [mailto:deanlav@sprintmail.com]
> Sent: vrijdag 11 februari 2000 2:54
> To: freecase-devel@seul.org
> Subject: Re: (FC-Devel) What Has Been Happening
> >
> > Why OmniOrb and not ORBit? (probably the stage of development...)
> >
> Primarily the stage of development.  Pre-built Linux & 
> Windows versions, ongoing development by AT&T, etc.

I just received mail this morning from the Orbit mailing list, that orbit works on Win32 too...

(sorry if I bring this up again, but I's like to reduce the amount of "not-in-distro" libraries.)

> >
> > No GTK+ wrapper (like Sugar or GTK--)?
> >
> In our search for stable toolsets on both Windows and Linux, 
> these were never discovered.  I would be interested in hearing
> about them.

well... There's the big GTK+ wrapper: GTK--. It's a full featured wrapper around the GTK+ widget set. And there's Sugar, which is a very light weight (more C alike than GTK--) wrapper which doesn't add real code to the app. 

> >
> > > I have been using my expertise in the model interchange 
> area.  I have
> > > been lucky enough to be employed where my efforts at my day job
> > > coincides with what we need to do here.
> > >
> > > What we need now are some people willing to code.  We 
> especially need
> > > someone to begin the GUI prototype.  Any takers?
> >
> > That would mean somebody has to work on a useable canvas. I 
> have some experience with canvasses (mainly through failure ;-).
> >
> > How about the repository? are there any ideas for 
> interfaces? Has somebody found a usable one on the net?
> >
> Unfortunatley, due to some ongoing negotiations, I am unable 
> to go into detail about exactly what I am doing here.  Suffice it
> to say that the repository, including versioning, group and 
> individual development are well on their way.  I apologize for being
> secretive, but legally I must wait before disclosing further.

I hope it gets public soon ;)