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(FC-Devel) OOD: I am not very experienced with it yet. But I'll Try to help.

In response to mr Mamoun Alissali,
    It has been at least a year since I played with OOD.  I have been
busy either working on FreeCase, or on my own tool which
appears to be going to be called K-Case or QT-Case.  I have gotten it to
reverse engineer some code, and my analysis of its
functionality as a tool is rather luke-warm right now.  My major
interest in pointing it out was that it was now an open sourceish
tool, which we could white-box reverse engineer to get some
functionality, or update the user interface and the modeling system
to make it more attractive to current developers.
    I will try to get an answer to your question, but know that I
currently have as much knowledge about this tool as you do, and
Professor TaeKyun seems to be tired of supporting his tool.
Matt Zeits

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