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(FC-Devel) FreeCASE Repository Operational Concept Description (Draft)

Hello, folks!

I am back in FreeCASE business.

As I've promised month ago, I've prepared FreeCASE Repository OCD
(mil-std-498 terms).  It's draft is available for review at
http://www.freecase.seul.org/~akhavr/ocd.html.  Feel free do comment and,
please, excuse my sloppy language.

Beware that there are *not* requirements.  That is the product conception.
Requirements will include _exact_ specification of what repository shall

My plans, after adoption of OCD are following:

1.2 Use cases
1.2.1 use cases identification
1.2.2 use cases priorities and scheduling for different versions

1.3 Interfaces
1.3.1 interfaces identification
1.3.2 interfaces priorities and scheduling for different versions

1.4 SRS
1.4.1 document creation
1.4.2 modify dictionary

Things are moving slowly, but they _are_ moving.  If you want to help,
select the item, you feel best.

Re: model editor/viewer.  Is anybody working on it (appart from Argo/UML

SY, Andrey V Khavryutchenko	http://www.kbi.kiev.ua/~akhavr

Shick's Law:
	There is no problem a good miracle can't solve.