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[gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..


I packaged gdis 0.72.5 (see http://incoming.debian.org/).

Here is a wishlist which would help me with future versions:

- please package the sources with version numbers. A tar xvfz
always extract into gdis/. It help if the subdir would include
the version: gdis-0.72.5/

- "make install" installs 2 file to "/home/sean/bin". I could
override this with "make install INSTAL=/usr/bin/" but the "usual"
variable is "DESTDIR". Maybe you can insert this to your Makefile.
So this will  work: "make install DESTDIR=/usr/bin"

- a "make install" copies the file "gdis.lib" to the destination
directory. What is this file?
If I install the gdis program without this file it still works.

And I found a problem/bug in the program:

The filebrowser cannot go into /
The program is installed into /usr/bin
and the example models are in /usr/share/gdis/models/

I start the program via menu entry or on the console with "gdis".
The I want to load a model and my starting directory is my Homedirectory
/home/nk . I go into /home with the ".." and then I want to go one
more level up with ".." but this doesn't work. The last step changes
the "Current Location" from /home/ to /home//.

Maybe you didn't know this.

	Nočl Köthe