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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..


thanks for the update. I'm actually trying to get version 0.74 finished
at the moment. This will be the next stable version (not that that means
a great deal :-) and it has some nice new features - so it's a shame
miss out going into the distribution. Oh well, that's software
for you.

However, if you don't mind packaging a version that works well, but has
few (minor) glitches still to be ironed out, let me know & I'll give you
latest prerelease of 0.74.

Anyway, thanks for the wishlist - I'll try to address these issues
as soon as possible. Some of them are already fixed in the later
versions - which are pretty stable despite what the web page says.

As there is no bug tracking system, the mailing list (or just emailing
directly) is probably the best way to report problems.

PS: the gdis.lib file is a very basic library (yet another improvement
the future) of inter-atomic potentials. ie parameters for functions that
describe the interaction energy between/within atoms and molecules.

Noel Koethe wrote:
> Hello,
> I packaged gdis 0.72.5 (see http://incoming.debian.org/).
> Here is a wishlist which would help me with future versions:
> - please package the sources with version numbers. A tar xvfz
> always extract into gdis/. It help if the subdir would include
> the version: gdis-0.72.5/
> - "make install" installs 2 file to "/home/sean/bin". I could
> override this with "make install INSTAL=/usr/bin/" but the "usual"
> variable is "DESTDIR". Maybe you can insert this to your Makefile.
> So this will  work: "make install DESTDIR=/usr/bin"
> - a "make install" copies the file "gdis.lib" to the destination
> directory. What is this file?
> If I install the gdis program without this file it still works.
> And I found a problem/bug in the program:
> The filebrowser cannot go into /
> The program is installed into /usr/bin
> and the example models are in /usr/share/gdis/models/
> I start the program via menu entry or on the console with "gdis".
> The I want to load a model and my starting directory is my Homedirectory
> /home/nk . I go into /home with the ".." and then I want to go one
> more level up with ".." but this doesn't work. The last step changes
> the "Current Location" from /home/ to /home//.

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