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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..

On Don, 24 Jan 2002, Sean Fleming wrote:

Hello Sean,

> However, if you don't mind packaging a version that works well, but has
> a
> few (minor) glitches still to be ironed out, let me know & I'll give you
> the
> latest prerelease of 0.74.

I will wait some days and then will upload gdis_0.73.3 to Debian. Is
this your latest prerelease?
> As there is no bug tracking system, the mailing list (or just emailing
> me
> directly) is probably the best way to report problems.

> > And I found a problem/bug in the program:
> > 
> > The filebrowser cannot go into /
> > The program is installed into /usr/bin
> > and the example models are in /usr/share/gdis/models/
> > 
> > I start the program via menu entry or on the console with "gdis".
> > The I want to load a model and my starting directory is my Homedirectory
> > /home/nk . I go into /home with the ".." and then I want to go one
> > more level up with ".." but this doesn't work. The last step changes
> > the "Current Location" from /home/ to /home//.

I got the same problem with 0.73.3
Can you reproduce it?

	Nočl Köthe