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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Noel Koethe wrote:

> Hello,
> I packaged gdis 0.72.5 (see http://incoming.debian.org/).
> Here is a wishlist which would help me with future versions:


I am almost done automake-ing GDIS, which shuold fix most of the issues 
about packaging.
The tarball with the current status can be retrieved from


I've got some doubts:

1) model files
As of this tarball, model files are built into the tarball ("make dist" 
will pack them) but they're not installed anywhere.

Would $prefix/share/gdis be a reasonable place ? (prefix defaults to
/usr/local, OS distributions usually change it to /usr before packagin)
Same question is valid for gdis.lib: it is shipped with the tarball
but not installed anywhere.

2) TIMER setting

In the original Makefile, there is a TIMER compile-time setting. My
configure script accepts is (defaults to yes, ./configure --disable-timer
disables it)

What is this ? The description in the INSTALL file and ./configure --help
are pretty dumb, could Sean describe it better ?

3) MAN page

I'm not a debian packager, but I had some of my softwares packaged for 
debian. Somewhere in the Debian policy it says that every command must 
have a man page. Noel, did you write a man page ? If so, contribute it so 
Sean can add to the source tarball. If not, someone should write one.

Now some hints if you never used automake/autoconf:

The configuration files are configure.in, acconfig.h and Makefile.am
After altering any of them, the following command will rebuilt what needs 

aclocal && autoconf && autoheader && automake

The command

make dist

(you need to do a ./configure before it if unpacking right away)
will build a file called


which is the file that should be distributed. Program name and version
are specified in configure.in

Last but not least, autoconf stores its definitions in a file called 
config.h after ./configure is run, so all .c source files have been 
altered to have a

#include "config.h"

line before the first #include. Except for that, source code is unchanged.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have problems.

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