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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..

On Fre, 25 Jan 2002, Felipe Bergo wrote:


> > I packaged gdis 0.72.5 (see http://incoming.debian.org/).
> I am almost done automake-ing GDIS, which shuold fix most of the issues 
> about packaging.

Would be great if this will go into the "official" package.

> Would $prefix/share/gdis be a reasonable place ? (prefix defaults to
> /usr/local, OS distributions usually change it to /usr before packagin)
> Same question is valid for gdis.lib: it is shipped with the tarball
> but not installed anywhere.

In Debian /usr/local is complety empty. There should the Admin/User
install packages not direct from the Distribution.
FreeBSD installs enverything to /usr/local what doesn't belong to the
base system.
I installed the models to /usr/share/gdis/models/
> 3) MAN page
> I'm not a debian packager, but I had some of my softwares packaged for 
> debian. Somewhere in the Debian policy it says that every command must 
> have a man page. Noel, did you write a man page ? If so, contribute it so 
> Sean can add to the source tarball. If not, someone should write one.

No I dont have a manpage.
The debian policy says "Each program, utility, and function should have
an associated manpage included in the same package."
There is no must but if there will be a small manpage with
a description what the program do, that would be great.
	Nočl Köthe