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Re: [gdiscuss] gdis packaged; some wishes..

Hi all,

sorry for the slight delay, it was the Australia Day holiday yesterday.

I'll try and answer the questions from the past few postings all at
once, so feel free to let me know if I miss anything out.

Ok, I've put a new version of gdis on the web site: 0.74.0-pre1.tgz

This one fixes the problem with accessing the / directory, as well
as extracting to gdis-0.74.0-pre1/ instead of just gdis/

The TIMER thing is just a little routine that is invoked by a call
at the start and at the end of a function. It stores the supplied name
in a hash table & records the clock ticks in between successive calls.
Then, when you quit from gdis, it'll give you a breakdown of the 
number of calls to routines & how long was spent overall in each.

I don't really have time to write a man page at present. Perhaps
someone could cull a bit from the web page and the somewhat embryonic
manual (gdis_manual.txt) if they feel so inclined...

Sean Fleming
Department of Applied Chemistry
Curtin University of Technology                     
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