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Re: gEDA-user: [pcb] Fab drawings and outlines

DJ Delorie wrote:

I'm working on a patch to PCB to emit a fab drawing along with all the
other layers. So far it has this on it:

* board outline
* flash for each drill
* silkscreen for elements (but not other silkscreen)
* note documenting board outline
* list of drills with counts, types, and overall totals
* data block - title, author, date, dimensions

Anything else?

Also, I'm thinking of making "print board outline" default to on,
instead of off (the user can still override it). The shop I dealt
with noted that they prefer the outline there, but I suppose having it
on the fab drawing is sufficient (since pcb only supports simple
rectangle outlines anyway).
Actually, you can make any shape as long as it is built with lines.

I keep thinking this is why an extra input layer is needed so that we can inject really complex shapes into pcb... layers which have polygons with so many point that they might as well be rounded off.


Note that the "outline" option in PCB adds it to the outer copper
layers only. The fab drawing will always have it, the others will
never have it.


Output larger then life (2x, 3x what ever it takes to make it readable... this gets more important as parts get smaller and smaller and ... where did that resistor go?). Option to print out pin and pad names (Vcc, Vee, Clk ...) Ohh and print out component values... 100 ohms or 10 uF. The assembly drawing should be the silk screen layers with extra information.

Steve M.