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Re: gEDA-user: [pcb] Fab drawings and outlines

> I keep thinking this is why an extra input layer is needed so that we 
> can inject really complex shapes into pcb...

I've been thinking that also.  To do that, what you'd need to add is:

* An additional layer.

* Ability to "draw" outside the board space.  Alternately, have the
  user draw the outlines and have pcb generate the mill program.  I'd
  rather hand-edit the mill lines, since it allows you to simulate
  true-square inside corners or specify which inside radius you want.

* Filters to limit to 93/62/31 mil lines.  Or at least, a warning that
  you're using a nonstandard mill.  We probably should have a warning
  for nonstandard regular drills too.

* Hook into autoplace/autoroute/optimize.

> layers which have polygons with so many point that they might as
> well be rounded off.

Why not just use arcs?  Excellon routing format supports them.

> Output larger then life (2x, 3x what ever it takes to make it 
> readable...

Postscript has this.  Output can be up to 5x assuming you have the
paper for it.  Perhaps a posterize option?  Although there are
external programs that can do all this for you too.

> Option to print out pin and pad names (Vcc, Vee, Clk ...) Ohh and
> print out component values... 100 ohms or 10 uF. The assembly
> drawing should be the silk screen layers with extra information.

That's an assembly drawing, not a fab drawing, but it sounds useful.

Another option I think would be neat would be to have PCB produce a
single PDF instead of a set of PS files.