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Re: gEDA-user: [pcb] Fab drawings and outlines

On Sat, 23 Aug 2003 09:17:35 -0400
DJ Delorie <dj@delorie.com> wrote:

> > I keep thinking this is why an extra input layer is needed so that we 
> > can inject really complex shapes into pcb...
> I've been thinking that also.  To do that, what you'd need to add is:
> * An additional layer.
> * Ability to "draw" outside the board space.  Alternately, have the
>   user draw the outlines and have pcb generate the mill program.  I'd
>   rather hand-edit the mill lines, since it allows you to simulate
>   true-square inside corners or specify which inside radius you want.
> * Filters to limit to 93/62/31 mil lines.  Or at least, a warning that
>   you're using a nonstandard mill.  We probably should have a warning
>   for nonstandard regular drills too.
> * Hook into autoplace/autoroute/optimize.
> > layers which have polygons with so many point that they might as
> > well be rounded off.
> Why not just use arcs?  Excellon routing format supports them.
> > Output larger then life (2x, 3x what ever it takes to make it 
> > readable...
> Postscript has this.  Output can be up to 5x assuming you have the
> paper for it.  Perhaps a posterize option?  Although there are
> external programs that can do all this for you too.
> > Option to print out pin and pad names (Vcc, Vee, Clk ...) Ohh and
> > print out component values... 100 ohms or 10 uF. The assembly
> > drawing should be the silk screen layers with extra information.
> That's an assembly drawing, not a fab drawing, but it sounds useful.
> Another option I think would be neat would be to have PCB produce a
> single PDF instead of a set of PS files.

Personally, I prefer the way PCB makes the outputs, with PS files. 
Actually, I use a program called pstoedit to transform the PS files 
to sketch files, and use sketch to edit them. I made my documentation 
so, make draws larger than life (normally, fitting the page size) and
stuffs like that. I think, its better to improve PCB with capabilites 
like a each symbol for every drill size in the drill output, like another
sad, that spending time coding things like PDF output generator. 

Today, you can choose what silkscreen will output, or the component 
name (R1, C2, etc) or its value, or it name.  I think a good way is to
have a manner to choice both or the three options. Sometimes is important
to have the value in the silkscreen, normally no, but it is a good way
to do it.

Today, I make the boards using lines, drawing by hand in all the layers. 
Works to me, I can fab them with no problem. To me, board outline is not
important. I dont know for all the other people...