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Re: gEDA-user: Locking/unlocking multiple elements

On Aug 23, 2004, at 10:05 AM, harry eaton wrote:
Not really, the intersection computation takes more time but computers
are so fast now it simply doesn't matter.
   Hmm, no offense, but that type of approach is what gave us the
abyssmal performance of things like Gnome.  Once in a while it's ok,
but making a habit of it is a very, very bad idea.
Pcb uses the fastest algorithms I know of for doing this; the issue is
whether the user should also take action in their layout. My answer is no,
they shouldn't. The recent major changes (I made) to pcb to use r-trees for
data searching shows a trend towards improved algorithmic performance so I
think your comment about habit is quite misplaced.
Well, it did come out to be much "snottier" than I had intended; I honestly meant no insult. I've just spent a large amount of effort cleaning up a big mess made by a predecessor in a contract job, and perhaps I'm oversensitive to that particular habit. But you have to admit, it's quite pervasive now.

That said, I've done a fair bit of poking around in the internals of PCB (looking into writing an HPGL output driver, a few other things) and I've been impressed with the design.

I guess what I have an issue with is someone saying something like what you said on a publicly archived mailing list. A lot of newbies are likely going to stumble across stuff like that, take it completely out of context, and think "ahh, this is how the real world does it" and adopt that philosophy for themselves.

Get what I mean?


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