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Re: gEDA-user: Bugs, warts and feature requests (4)

On Sun, Jan 02, 2011 at 09:55:18PM +0100, kai-martin knaak wrote:
> This edition of "Bugs, warts and feature requests" focuses on gschem:
> â gschem/pcb feature request: Automatically add a note the version string
> that says which branch/fork/development/patch it was compiled from. This 
> would help to avoid confusion for testers like me.
	This would also help me.
> â gschem feature request: An option to renumber subsheets with the usual 
> offsets. That is, numbers on the first page start at 100, second page starts
> at 200, etc. 
> Alternative idea: Evaluate a dedicated attribute "refdes_number_offset"
> in the subsheet symbol. 
	I consider this 'refdes_number_offset' a great idea.
> â gschem misbehavior: Currently, renumber does not honor multi symbol 
> components. The script renders all symbols with disjunct refdeses, even 
> if they were slots of the same component. I'd call this almost a bug.
> It makes renumber barely usable with components that are spread among
> more than one symbol.
	This is serious problem.
> â gschem usability: Currently, you'd have to manually call update component
> after a symbol was modified with down-symbol->edit->up. 
> Suggestion: Please execute update component automatically as part of the 
> "up"-action. 
	This would also help, and should be pretty easy.
> â gschem room for improvement: Currently, nets attached to dragged symbols
> will go any angle. This is rarely desired in schematics. Instead pure 
> orthogonal style is almost universally used. 
> Suggestion: Add a mode to automatically make nets Manhattan style. 
> Make this mode the default.
	I wonder how difficult it would be to code, but will definetly
	help a lot. 
> â gschem usability: Currently, there is no visible hint in the Options
> menu whether or not a boolean option is active. 
> Suggestion: Add a check mark in front of the menu item like pcb does.
	Should be easy and helpfull.

	Best regards, Martin Kupec

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