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Re: gEDA-user: Bugs, warts and feature requests (4)

â gschem room for improvement: Currently, nets attached to dragged symbols
will go any angle. This is rarely desired in schematics. Instead pure 
orthogonal style is almost universally used. 
Suggestion: Add a mode to automatically make nets Manhattan style. 
Make this mode the default.

Yes, I think this would be a big improvement.  Also, I'd like to have the arrow 
keys move the selected objects around in small increments, rather than panning 
the view.  Arrow keys can still pan the view if there is no selection.

â gschem usability: Currently, there is no visible hint in the Options
menu whether or not a boolean option is active. 
Suggestion: Add a check mark in front of the menu item like pcb does.

This was bothering me the other day too.  I looked into it a bit, but it isn't 
quite as east to fix as you'd think.  All menu items are defined through the 
system-gschemrc file.  They create a GschemAction object which is a custom 
widget class derived from GtkAction with the ability to have multi-key 
accelerators like 'om'.  A new derived class, GschemActionToggle would have to 
be created to enable making toggle menu items with multi-key accelerators.

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