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Re: gEDA-user: Strange problems in multi part symbols

I read through the attributes page on the wiki and started to compile an
attribute matrix from that.  I plan to dig into the code to complete it.
Starting with the gnetlist backends, then gnetlist core, pcbs new importer,
gschem code.

Here ist what I got so far (cun'n patse from the attached gnumeric file):

gaf attribute matrix                                                                                                                                                                                            
		Symbol		Pin		Promoted	Instance	Net		Schematic	Obsolete	main user	gnetlist	spice		pcb		verilog
device		X																						
graphical	X														gnetlist	ignore symbol					
description	X														doc								
author		X														doc								
comment		X														doc								
pinseq				X												gnetlist	slotting	port order			
pinnumber			X												pcb						netlist		
pintype				X												drc								
pinlabel			X												gnetlist	hierarchy			pin names	
numslots	X														gnetlist	slotting					
slotdef		X														gnetlist	slotting					
footprint	X						X								pcb						netlist		
documentation	X														gschemdoc							
netname										X						gnetlist	connectivity					
source		X						X								gnetlist	hierarchy					
refdes		X				X		X								gnetlist	netlist						
slot		X				X		X								gnetlist	slotting					
net		X						 X								gnetlist	connectivity					
value		X						X												value		bom		
symversion	X				X		X				X				gschem								
dist-license	X										X				doc								
use-license	X										X				doc								
uref														X										
name														X										
label														X										
pin#														X										
slot#														X										
type														X										
email														X										

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