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gEDA-user: DRC Problem

   Hello, I have a problem with the DRC check.  In the included file, is
   Drc_maker.sh which when run will result in a stack overflow:
       /usr/share/gEDA/scheme/gnet-drc2.scm:604:32: In expression (car
       /usr/share/gEDA/scheme/gnet-drc2.scm:604:32: Stack overflow
   If any one of the three schematics are removed, the DRC completes
   Can anyone else verify that they see this problem too?
   Does anyone have any suggestions?
   I have tried it on 32-bit Fedora 12 and Mint 8.  gEDA and GAF was
   installed through yum and is at rev
   The attachment has a space between the g and z  in the .tar.gz to make
   gmail happy.

   Thank you,
   Dan Quist

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