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Re: gEDA-user: [PATCH 1/2] gnetlist: Add access to all attributes from components with multiple symbol instances.

John Doty wrote:

> At least the "resolver" machinery here is accessible, so you can
> create your own plug-in to repair the behavior.

Well, if you mean the gnetlist back-ends, I have to say, that they are 
much less accessible to me than gnetlist itself. Wrong language, little 
documentation, no manual, no tutorial --> no fun.

> You could even sort the values, take the first one, 

How would a function that "retrieve(s) every first attribute value for 
package consisting of multiple symbol instances" help me sort all 
values and 

> as you once advocated.

I did (and do) advocate sort, but not pick. I did not even touch the 
pick topic. 

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