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Re: gEDA-user: [Patches] GTK Recent-file-manager

Matthew Wilkins wrote:

>  What are typical use cases for having multiple same-named attributes in a 
> symbol?

Same-named attributes in my symbols:
* slotdef -- this is pretty generic
* comment -- sometimes, more than one note needs to be delivered
* documentation -- sometimes, more than one datasheet is available

More use cases I can think of:
* author -- in case there is more than one.
* vendor -- where to buy

> While I was at it, I added a help button to the dialog, which brings up the 
> 'Master Attributes List' of the wiki with definitions of all the typical 
> attribute names.

Great. Is the list downloaded on the fly, or is it from a local copy?

> Once I get a few details sorted out, I think it'll be good to let people play 
> with it a bit and see if it does what they want/expect.  It's definitely easy to 
> do something very wrong if you're not careful, but the undo feature is good for 
> that.  I was playing with it in conjunction with a little scheme script to do a 
> search-select, i.e. (search "device" "RESISTOR"), and then edit the footprint 
> for all resistors in the schematic at once; seemed to work great.

Yay! A more powerful search and replace is one of my favorite
feature requests. This is one of the areas where protel99 excels.
Their search&replace can look for specific properties and change 
other properties of the found objects according to replacement
rules. That is, you could do things like:
	Take all resistors with a value greater than 10k and add 
	a "s" to the name of their footprint.
The scope would be the current selection, the current sheet, or 
include all sub sheets.

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