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Re: gEDA-user: multiple attributes (was: [Patches] GTK Recent-file-manager)

>>  What are typical use cases for having multiple same-named attributes in a 
>> symbol?

>Same-named attributes in my symbols:
>* slotdef -- this is pretty generic
>* comment -- sometimes, more than one note needs to be delivered
>* documentation -- sometimes, more than one datasheet is available

>More use cases I can think of:
>* author -- in case there is more than one.
>* vendor -- where to buy

Hm, Peter C is right that this complicates things a lot.  I *think* the list of 
attributes shown in the dialog can be generated in a way where repeated 
attributes will appear as:

documentation       <value>    Vis N V
documentation (2)  <value>   Vis N V
documentation (3) <value>    Vis N V

Then when it comes time to apply a change, gschem will search the object's list 
of attributes to find the one that appears in the right sequence in the 
attribute list.

>> While I was at it, I added a help button to the dialog, which brings up the 
>> 'Master Attributes List' of the wiki with definitions of all the typical 
>> attribute names.

>Great. Is the list downloaded on the fly, or is it from a local copy?

it uses the same mechanism as other help viewing actions, which read from the 
local copy.

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