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Re: gEDA-user: multiple attributes (was: [Patches] GTK Recent-file-manager)

Matthew Wilkins wrote:

> Hm, Peter C is right that this complicates things a lot. 

Well, you asked for potential use cases. Not all conceivable uses
may warrant the effort to code. In addition, there may be better
ways to achieve the same goal. Symbols in gschem are a bit overloaded.
The data base that has been floating on and off the mailing list
is meant to better serve the purpose. An alternative would be the 
notion of "packages" like in other EDA suites. A package would be a 
container for whatever the designer of a library likes to bundle --
symbols, footprints, documents, notes, simulation models, and whatnot.

> I *think* the list of attributes shown in the dialog can be 
> generated in a way where repeated attributes will appear as:
> documentation       <value>    Vis N V
> documentation (2)  <value>   Vis N V
> documentation (3) <value>    Vis N V

How would the dialog establish the order? Would the order be significant 
to some action? If so, there should be a way to manipulate order from 
the GUI.

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