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Re: gEDA-user: Wiki cleanup?

Bert Timmerman wrote:

> I will see if I can create a wiki like format and paste that into the
> doxygen output as to mimick the current style of the webpages on
> gpleda.org.

Hmm, I think, the current style of the web pages are less than
optimum. Dokuwiki can definitely look and feel better. The site
desperately needs better navigation. IMHO, a side panel with links
to the whole site is the tool of choice for a medium sized site 
like gpleda. 

One of my geda goals for 2011 is to push for improvements on
gpleda. I like the way the freecad project has designed their 
website. It provides ready access to information on many levels
from newbie user to developer without feeling like a labyrinth.
I'd choose a different color scheme, though. 

The freecad site is mediawiki. But this kind of web design can
be achieved with dokuwi, too. See my page at uni-hannover 
for a real world dokuwiki example:

So the current gpleda.org style might prove a moving target :-) 

Kai-Martin Knaak
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