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Re: gEDA-user: Wiki cleanup?

Hi Kai-Martin, maintainers and all,

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> Bert Timmerman wrote:
> > Would it be possible to
> >> provide the pages on gpleda.org itself?
> > That can be done, it's just a couple of MB to upload.
> Question to the maintainers of gpleda.org(*): 
> Would it be possible to give upload permissions to Bert?
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> (*) Anyone else beyond Ales?
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Uploading by someone who has already access/write permissions is also a
possibility, or one could run doxygen on the server itself to save traffic.

Even better would be a service hook (generated by git) to give (a tool like
crontab) a signal whenever a commit has occurred and the doxygen dev-docs of
the git repo need an update (every ?? hours).

I will see if I can create a wiki like format and paste that into the
doxygen output as to mimick the current style of the webpages on gpleda.org.

Kind regards,

Bert Timmerman.

BTW: Doxygen 1.4.6. gives less bloat than the newer versions for if you want
to limit the disk usage < 300 MB on the server.

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