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Re: gEDA-user: Apply to join the geda-bugs team to triage bugs...

sorry, I see the prios differently:

Peter Clifton wrote:
Crasher / data loss -> "High" (or perhaps even "Critical" if it is likely to be hit).
depends on type of data loss: high if recent changes disappear, critical if the design
vanishes (I know, the later is near impossible with move/write on saves)
It also depends if the data loss is immediately evident - if not it's worse.
Board output fault
this is a catastrophic failure in a production environment
or incorrect netlist likely to cause design breakage
to my understanding an incorrect net will cause a design break with 100.0% likelihood
-> critical error
UI wart / cosmetics -> "Low"
what is a "wart" ? freezes, hickups of state engine: medium
"button should be more to the left" = cosmetic: low

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