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Re: gEDA-user: Bug triage

Gareth Edwards wrote:

> Bug reporting could
> be and should be from anyone. Bug triage will be a smaller set of
> people.

For full triage you have to be a member of the bug team (geda-bugs, or 
pcb-bugs). Else, you get no edit buttons next to the importance button.
I'd expect, that this is configurable and the status can also be made 
inaccessible to simple users (Peter C., is this so?)

However, geda/pcb as a project is not exactly overrun by potential 
contributers and bug reporters. There is no need to add more barriers.
To the contrary, users need to be encouraged to participate. Triage is
itself is not very release critical. Worst case that might happen is a
severe bug that gets rated below par. But if it is really severe, it
will surface again.

If a user has successfully followed the bug report page of geda
and has not seen triage mentioned, he or she may still be tempted to 
change the status flags of this and other bugs -- Simply because there
are edit buttons on the status.  

Kai-Martin Knaak
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