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gEDA-user: PCB's postscript exporter

   When I use export -> ps (postscript)  inside PCB and set the media to
   'Letter' the resulting images in the postscript file are perfectly
   centered and everything looks correct.  The paper size of the ps file
   is also Letter.
   If I now export the postscript as 11x17 or C-Size (or anything larger
   than Letter), the  postscript file itself remains at Letter size and
   the  images migrate up and to the right.  It looks like internally PCB
   is centering the image appropriately for the selected media size, but
   then as it is being output, the image is cropped to fit on a Letter
   size paper in the postscript file.
   I see this behavior if I run it from inside of PCB or if I use a
   command line like:   pcb -x ps --psfile "[1]xmega.ps" --outline
   --ps-color --media 11x17 --drill-copper  --show-legend  "xmega.pcb"
   in my $HOME/.pcb/settings file, media=11x17 (or other value) will only
   set the PCB GUI to a specific media size when the dialog opens.  Am I
   missing another paper size setting somewhere?
   (Fedora 12, 32 bit, PCB version 2010 09 29)
   Thank you,
   Andy Miner


   1. http://xmega.ps/

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