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Re: gEDA-user: Soft and Hard symbols

> On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 21:14 -0500, al davis wrote:
> >   I don't know where that is done, or if it is done 
> > in a form that would be useful here, or whether there
> > exists the  code to go the other way (generate a schematic
> > given a netlist and rendering info) which is equally
> > needed.

On Saturday 15 January 2011, Peter Clifton wrote:
> Not done. Would be nice though - but I'd rate it of similar
> complexity to a board auto-router. (Not as rigidly
> constrained topologically, but to do well would require a
> decent auto-place, and a decent auto-router - even if the
> rules are different to that used with a PCB).

Ah .. but I said "and rendering info".

Generating a schematic from a netlist without the rendering 
info, you are absolutely correct.

But that's where the "rendering info" comes in.  It tells where 
to place and route in a portable way.

Where does the rendering info come from?

Mostly, it would be saved when you convert a schematic to a 
netlist.  That way it is available when you convert it back, so 
when you make a round trip you get the same schematic you had 
before.  Or, if you made some changes in the netlist you get the 
schematic with the changes.  You might need to move the new 
stuff for looks, but it would at least be functional.

Or, convert one kind of schematic, saving the rendering info in 
a portable way, and write it out as another kind of schematic.  
That's the translation facility.

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