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gEDA-user: Bugs, warts and feature requests (5)

Unlike the previous bugs and warts, these topics are fresh. Because I
do mostly schematic capture at the moment, these are almost exclusively 
geschem requests:

â gschem feature request: Add a modified move that temporarily disables 

* gschem feature request: Make the snapping radius available to the GUI.

â gschem feature request: Add a way to connect and disconnect crossing
nets. That is induce, or remove a purple dot.

â geda documentation: There is no wiki page for gsch2pcb. Best bet is 

Proposal: Morph the page into a gsch2pcb description page. IMHO, there are
frequently asked questions, since nobody asks questions.

â gsch2pcb wart: The net of input/output symbols is evaluated from its 
refdes. Consequently, the restrictions to refdeses apply: No uncapitalized
suffix, no hyphen, etc. Proposal: evaluate the net from dedicated attributes. 
E.g. "in-net=", "out-net="

â gschem feature request: An accel key that selects the "next" symbol. 
The next symbol should be chosen according to the algorithms used by 
autonumber. This would be handy when mass editing footprints, input 
nets, or values.

â gschem feature request: In multiple attributes dialog automatically 
focus on and open the same attribute as was last edited.

â gschem feature request: Sort attributes in multiple attributes dialog.
The most frequent ones should be on top.

â gerbv feature request: Add a view mode that shows only the difference 
of two layers. This would be handy when I have to asses the changes that 
I made to an existing design.

Please comment.

Kai-Martin Knaak                                  tel: +49-511-762-2895
UniversitÃt Hannover, Inst. fÃr Quantenoptik      fax: +49-511-762-2211	
Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover           http://www.iqo.uni-hannover.de
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