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Re: gEDA-user: Bugs, warts and feature requests (5)

2011/1/12 Peter TB Brett <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>> How about: Like the drop-down list of default attributes the add
>> Attribute line presents.
>> Â Â Â netname
>> Â Â Â footprint
>> Â Â Â value
>> Â Â Â refdes
>> Â Â Â source
>> Â Â Â ...
>> I guess, this order was determined by intuition of a developer
>> long time ago. Suggestion: take this list as a default order for
>> the list of attributes. Make this default configurable in gschemrc.
>> Ouups, this is another feature request ;^)
> It's configurable in system-gschemrc.
> Sorting request doesn't seem unreasonable.

Sorting could be done to present attributes in the same order as
defined in system-gschemrc.
That might be a good first attempt. If somebody wants a different
ordering for another workflow, just supply different ordering in rc
Krzysztof KoÅciuszkiewicz
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -- Leonardo da Vinci

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