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Re: gEDA-user: PCB antenna pattern

Kovacs Levente <leventelist@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I am designing a zigbee interface, and I am using an inverted F antenna
> out of PCB pattern. The problem is that the terminals of the antenna
> pattern are shorted (well not on 2.4GHz), so I don't have any clue what
> to put to the schematic. So far, I simply grounded the antenna pin of
> the transceiver, but it can lead to misunderstanding. The other option
> is to have a two-pin symbol, but the pattern will cause short circuit
> when running the DRC.
> Any suggestion?

I'd put the antenna, or at least the short, on a separate layer, in the
same group as the normal copper layer.  For verification, you can
temporarily move the antenna layer to it's own group.  Just remember to
do the checkout with the correct group assignment.  If you get an extra
gerber layer for the short, then you know you made a mistake.

> Thanks,
> Levente

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