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Re: gEDA-user: Collaborative Development of Boards

On Monday 17 January 2011 08:01:53 gedau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 08:22:02AM +0100, Stephan Boettcher wrote:
> > gedau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > > If you edit one object, that won't ever move other objects around
> > > by side effect. VCS systems I know depend on this feature. I
> > > think PCB already provides this feature, keeping order of
> > > objects,
> > 
> > Not really. When you edit a line, it somehow gets thrown into an
> > entirely different slot in the list.  Like if there is a vector of
> > allocated slots, some marked unused, and when something is changed,
> > it is thrown into the first unused slot.  Probably some feature of
> > some glib(?) container class?  It's not too bad for vcs diffs, but
> > could be a little better.  Not worth the trouble to fix this, I
> > guess.
> Hmm, maybe I mix it with something then. I recall some efforts, maybe
> by Peter to get this fixed in PCB or in gschem. Or else my memory
> just fails.

Due to the way the gschem editing model works, and particularly the undo 
system, stuff tends to get shifted to the end of the file when edited.  
This is something that I've made a few improvements to in the past, but 
fundamentally the problem hasn't gone away.

This is actually an extremely difficult problem to solve.  Saving a file 
could be considered as mapping a three-dimensional space (x position, y 
position, z-index) onto a one-dimensional space (file position).  At the 
moment, the file position is mapped 1:1 to z-index, i.e. last-on-top.  
Other possibilities (assuming that an alternative way of indicating z-
ordering can be found) include defining a Hilbert-Peano curve on the x-y 
schematic plane and mapping position along that curve to file position.

There is no easy fix here.


Peter Brett <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Remote Sensing Research Group
Surrey Space Centre

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