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Re: gEDA-user: Embedded polygon


I started to remove items until it succeeded. Removed all trace & vias.
Deleted various components. Attached version segfaults. Remove
one more item and it does not segfault but reports:

Error while clipping PBO_SUB: 3

[ggallant@firefly ~]$ git rev-parse HEAD
fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount parent )
Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).


On 01/18/2011 08:12 AM, Peter Clifton wrote:
On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 00:41 -0500, George M. Gallant, Jr. wrote:
The git/compile went fine. Using the newly built pcb gets a segfault
    [ggallant@firefly pcb]$ pcb phm.pcb
    Something strange here
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)
    Some other pcb projects were able to get loaded but their existing
    did not display. Creating a new rectangle on the empty ground layer
    System is up to date 64-bit Fedora 13.
    On 01/17/2011 03:19 PM, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:

George M. Gallant, Jr. wrote:
Is phm.pcb a file you can send me off list?

cd into the pcb checkout you made, and type:

git rev-parse HEAD

Please past\e the returned string, so I know exactly what version you're
trying with.

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