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Re: gEDA-user: git based wiki

Peter Clifton wrote:

> That would be nice, but I didn't mean that. I was talking about the
> in-page refresh (with the fly-in transition), you get as you are
> navigating between files / directories in the git repository.

Again, my dokuwiki website does this, too :^)

Point your browser to  

Click on one of the items in the left index panel: Only the contents of 
the main area are updated. 

Click on one of the + signs in the left panel: The item expands with no 
reload at all. The directory tree is processed locally at the client.

Yes, this is ajax magic. No, I did not have to program it myself. Just 
installed the appropriate plugins. Did I mention, that install of plugins
is a breeze? No ssh to the hosting machine needed, just a wiki account
which is a member of the admin group.

PS: I sound like a dokuwiki salesdroid, do I?
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