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Re: gEDA-user: gschem: directly connecting two nets?

Ouabache Designworks <z3qmtr45@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The special symbols is supposed to fuse netnames as issued on the netlist,
> not labels on the schematic.
> -------------------------------------------
> If you are also fusing the copper on the board then I would kind of like to
> see that when I am viewing the schematic.

PCB requires all connecting copper to be the same net(name). gnetlist
needs to resolve merged nets to a single net.  That happens now for
hierarchy, except when a subcircuit shorts two higher-level nets.  This
could probably be fixed, with a warning and some arbitrary choice how
the net is named.

> You want to give the user a choice. If I pull up a component view then I
> want to see the signal names from the original designer. If I am traversing
> a hierarchy and open an instance view then I want to see the signal names
> that match the names in the parent instance.

There is no instance view in gschem.

> John Eaton

NB, when resolving hierarchy, gnetlist keeps the netname of the outer
level.  Sometimes I'd wish it would keep the subcircuit netname.  This
would also resolve the case when a subcircuit shorts two outer nets.


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