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Re: gEDA-user: Windows gEDA port


Inspite of all the other replies I want to ask if you have any
experience in developing software on windows.
If you do so, I would like to suggest trying to make windows developing

Having an easy way for windows programes to compile the code will get
us a big chance of growing your community. And also "navive" windows
port will probably attract some windows users.

	Martin Kupec
On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 02:52:52PM -0700, Terrance Hutchinson wrote:
>    I would like to help develop the Windows port. Your wiki said that if I
>    was interested, I should post to this list.
>    I have been working as a computer engineer for a little over 2 years at
>    a company specializing storage oriented ASICs (PowerPC as well).
>    What are the next steps I should take?
>    I look forward to an excellent time working with the gEDA community. I
>    feel it's time for me to give back to the tools I use daily.
>    -Terrance-

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