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Re: gEDA-user: Embedded polygon

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 08:35:42PM +0000, Peter Clifton wrote:
> Up until we merged Harry Eaton's clipper branch, thermals were simple
> little things like "+" or "X", with square edged fingers.
I arrived after that, so I had no knowleadge about previous state.

> After the clipper branch, thermal finger width related only to the
> clearance of the pin. For many cases, this causes a problem. In
> addition, the rounded thermal styles appear to have computed the finger
> width incorrectly.
I think that the current state for non-rounded thermals is OK.
It keep the ratio between cooper and empty space the same with
growing clearance.

There is completly different story with the rounded ones..those get
worser with growing clearance. But I have no idea how to do the math
correctly(I am into discrete math, not geometry :-(( ).

> Aside from this, there are still some problems - the ArcPoly function
> doesn't appear to do very well for geometries where the hemispherical
> caps around the end of the arc intersect with each other.
I don't remember exactly, but when I was investigating the crash
I found problem in some function calculating intersections.

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