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Re: gEDA-user: Alternate Platforms

Hello all:

El 27/01/11 23:10, Dietmar Schmunkamp escribió:
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Am 27.01.2011 06:13, schrieb Dave McGuire:
On 1/26/11 11:59 PM, rickman wrote:
BTW, is Android multitasking or is it single tasking like the iPad OS?

   Android is layered atop Linux.

   The iPad OS (also the iPhone OS, called iOS) is multitasking as of
release 4.0.  Incidentally, it too is a UNIX-based platform...only its
user interface (pre-4.0 anyway) prevented user-visible multitasking.


I don't know about Android,
but I have a Nokia N900 running Maemo and
there you can install a debian and get binaries for the armel
architecture via the package manager. So at least the processor
architecture is supported. I have gschem ( and pcb
(20091103) installed, the screen is a bit tiny, but thinking of Tablets
runnig Meego that seems to a a viable option.

I think this too (I have a N900 too).

Maemo (I'll wait the same from Meego) is a "good" environment with multitask, and easy change between task, and (I think) "easy" to port apps (Debian install option in Maemo is great).

Instead, I don't like Android (I have a Entourage Edge with Android 1.6): no "real multitasking", no "easy change between task", "google register needed" (or apktor, aptoide option, this is I use, with too much less apps), and no easy porting of apps (go, for example, to VLC and read about).

But, I'm afraid that Android will be a sucess (thanks to Nokia and his ugly comercial vision).

About Ios I don't know, only use ocasionally on IPod and Iphone of some friends.

I was asked this too some time ago, because, I view that tablets and other devices (like e-readers with double screen) with Android/Maemo/Meego are going to users, and is a opportunity for the free world to "hit first".

Only my opinion.

Best regards.

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