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Re: gEDA-user: gsch2pcb creating board.pcb syntax errors?

Hi Ben,

On Sat, 2 Jun 2007 04:14:46 -0700
Ben Jackson <ben@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Some of the elements in my generated (by gsch2pcb) board.pcb have parse
> errors.  (for a new project, but it already has many elements)
> After Element(blah) (body) there's stray text:
> ERROR parsing file 'board.pcb'
>     line:        1058
>     description: 'parse error'
> Element(0x00 "" "" "" 203 0 3 100 0x00)
> (
> ...
> ).fp(SOT89.fp,U301,unknown)
> That is the footprint, and the footprint is correct.

Did you perhaps install a new version of geda on top of an old version? I
had this problem too once because of this. All footprints containing
dashes in the filename ended up just like yours. However in your case the
dot in the filename seems to trigger the behaviour.

I solved this by nuking the old install directory and re-install the
latest version of geda.

Kind regards,


> If I zap them all (in vi, :g/^)\.fp/s/.*/)/ ) then the board loads fine,
> but that information (the name of the part) isn't in the Element line,
> so the netlist is scrogged (which causes pcb to crash unless you save
> and reload, in which case it prints a list of all the missing pins next
> time you optimize rats).
> It smacks of an m4 bug, but I don't even know if m4 is involved here.
> The file /usr/local/share/pcb/pcblib-newlib/geda/SOT89.fp does not have
> the stray text (assuming that file was generated by m4).


$ cat .sig /dev/null

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