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Re: gEDA-user: Has anyone used SSOP28.fp?

> a) pcb paste layer gerber is directly from the pad layer, and I
> think in many cases that lays down too much solder.  I haven't
> experimented enough to be able to say for sure.  I'd like to see
> some paste layer control added to the footprint definition.

I have a post-processor that sets the paste based on the footprint
(name and pad; some footprints get paste pushed out, some are
centered, etc).

But yeah, at some point we need to modify the footprint data structure
to have independent paste/mask control.

> b) My current method for prepping a file for the laser cutter is a bit 
> of a kludge.  Ideally, I'd like to see the gerber previewer have the 
> option of exporting .dxf of the pad outlines from the paste layer.

If you can provide a format that's ideal for your tooling, plus the
rules for tweaking, we can write a custom exporter for it.

> And then there are issues of how tightly the laser cutter is adjusted 
> and how it is focused.

I was thinking of this number.  Pololu uses 3mil mylar, and specify a
10mil minimum hole size.

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