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Re: gEDA-user: How to?

Tomaz Solc wrote:
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> Hi
>> Thermal finger width is proportional to the copper annulus gap.  So,
>> increasing the copper gap also increases the thermal finger width.
> Why is thermal finger width implemented in this way?
> I think it would be better if finger width would be proportional to the
> radius of the pin. Larger pins usually have larger currents which also
> means they require wider thermal fingers. I don't see why the gap is
> important here.
> Best regards
> Tomaz

the fingers have historically been implemented as lines drawn with a 
round aperture.  If the aperture size is too large (relative to the 
copper annulus) it sticks out into the hole or it doesn't fully connect.

In the last couple of pcb snapshots there are multiple thermal options 
though.  Just keep clicking (or is it shift-clicking) with the via tool 
to cycle through them.


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