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Re: gEDA-user: gsch2pcb creating board.pcb syntax errors?

Dan McMahill wrote:
> Ben Jackson wrote:
>> Some of the elements in my generated (by gsch2pcb) board.pcb have parse
>> errors.  (for a new project, but it already has many elements)
>> After Element(blah) (body) there's stray text:
>> ERROR parsing file 'board.pcb'
>>     line:        1058
>>     description: 'parse error'
>> Element(0x00 "" "" "" 203 0 3 100 0x00)
>> (
>> ...
>> ).fp(SOT89.fp,U301,unknown)
>> That is the footprint, and the footprint is correct.
>> If I zap them all (in vi, :g/^)\.fp/s/.*/)/ ) then the board loads fine,
>> but that information (the name of the part) isn't in the Element line,
>> so the netlist is scrogged (which causes pcb to crash unless you save
>> and reload, in which case it prints a list of all the missing pins next
>> time you optimize rats).
>> It smacks of an m4 bug, but I don't even know if m4 is involved here.
>> The file /usr/local/share/pcb/pcblib-newlib/geda/SOT89.fp does not have
>> the stray text (assuming that file was generated by m4).
> hmmm.  I think I may have an idea.  I doubt this is any sort of m4 bug 
> but rather a bug in how gsch2pcb creates a file to feed to m4.  What do 
> you have in your project file and what gsch2pcb version do you have?
> Actually, if you can bundle up a small test case that demonstrates this 
> bug it will help me in fixing it.
> More or less whats happening is gsch2pcb is looking for SOT89 and 
> SOT89.fp files and also trying to send 
> PKG_SOT89.fp(SOT89.fp,U301,unknown) through m4 where it really shouldn't 
> have the .fp there.
> If you haven't seen a fix in about a week then bug me about it since 
> that probably means I got busy and then forgot.
> -Dan

I left out the most important question.  What exactly did you set your 
footprint= to in your schematic?  It should be SOT89 and *not* SOT89.fp 
otherwise you will feed garbage to m4.

gsch2pcb will search for files without the .fp and then automatically 
search for files with .fp if the former is gone.


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