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Re: gEDA-user: Per-project component libraries

On Tuesday 26 June 2007 20:16:26 Mark Cianfaglione wrote:
> Just to add a slightly different view from my point of view...
> Generally in most $$$ tools the components are selected from a common
> library. When you "archive" the design it captures a copy of each
> component into a local copy. This archiving also then alters the library
> config file so that it will only look locally(design archive = local) for
> any components first. If any additional components are required it can
> retrieve them from the common directory as it won't find them in the local
> directories. Mind you this behaviour is possibly a user defined
> capability.

Once again, this assumes the presence of a "design", which is the same concept 
a "project".  Which is something that is not 

> I also agree with the principle of a symbol with a part selector.  For
> example if a resistor gets selected a small window could pop open and one
> can select the value/footprint/manufacturer that they wish. These tables
> of parts could be generated using a perl script (I currently do this with
> Cadence Concept/Allegro) It saves a lot of time...

This approach works well for parts where the pinout is always the same 
(resistors, capacitors, many diodes & transistors) but fails spectacularly 
for more complex parts.  However, it's worth considering.

Note that you could do something quite similar _now_ using a couple of Scheme 
functions and the component-library-funcs rc file procedure (as long as 
you're running git unstable).


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