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Re: gEDA-user: How can i edit the coordinate grid?

On Thu, 5 May 2011 11:44:06 +0200
Jonas Stein <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Date File and Folio is not well aligned in my coordinate grid.
> Author fits well. 
> How can i change the position?
> It looks like this here:
> | Author:    |File:
> |Date:       |Folio: 1/1

It sounds you are talking about the gschem program.  You can select a
finer or coarser grid with the '[' and ']' keys.  However to align text
properly you may wish to change the alignment reference point: select
the text entity and type 'ex'; this will show text properties and you
can choose left/bottom, right/bottom, etc. for the justification.

If you zoom in far enough, you will see an alignment mark (a small X)
attached to the selected text or attribute element.  This shows you the
current alignment reference point.  Just remember you have to zoom in
to see it since it is scaled with the view.

Also, when trying to get perfect alignment, you may end up with things
not exactly on the grid.  The normal grid mode always moves by one grid
unit, so it won't help you get back to being aligned and "on grid"
again.  To re-snap things to the grid as you drag them, hit 'os' and
you will see "Grid(100R, 100)" in the status bar.  The "R" means resnap
is enabled.  You will also see "Resnap Active" in the right side of the
status bar.  Hit 'os' twice again to cycle back to normal grid mode
when you are done.  (Look on the Options menu if you forget these
keyboard shortcuts.)


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