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Re: gEDA-user: Where is pcb-20100929 for Win32 ?

> ----------------------------------------
> Can you be a bit more specific, please?
> What aspects did you have to tune? What were road blocks that needed to
> be removed? Did yo use any other helper software?
> I'd like to compile this info to a page in the wiki. So next time we can
> build upon your experience.

first you have to install MinGW compiler and MinSYS environment to run the script which builds PCB for Windows. It is about 20 or more different packages. I had to do that with iterations - run the script, see, what does not work, install another package and so on.

You will need GLIB+GTK+plenty of other packages as well. Not only those listed in README. And GD library as well.

Then you need to arrange GLIB/GTK headers and libs in a special way because Makefiles contain just glib-2.0 include and not all proper include directories. The same applies (as far as I remember) for linking process.

Then, after your makefiles are successfully generated, you will need (or maybe not, but I needed) the script which removes white spaces at ends of all lines in all makefiles. Here it is:

find ./ -type f -name Makefile | while read FILENAME; do cat ${FILENAME}| sed -e 's/ $//g' > ${FILENAME}_new; mv ${FILENAME}_new ${FILENAME}; done

So far so good. For installer, I just included DLLs only as there is no need to have plenty of unnecessary stuff like headers, EXEs etc from GTK and GD distributions.

This complete building process took me about 10 hours. But, as you can see, headline is "PCB can be built with MinGW".

If you try to do it by yourselves, check files in pcb-HEAD.zip . They can help you when you get stuck.

If somebody requires GTK sources - let download them directly from http://gtk.org/ I used GTK etc. libs unmodified.

I have seen no bug reports so far. Does it mean that even "Import schematic" works for all of you ? Or nobody have tried PCB on Windows ?


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