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Re: gEDA-user: Where is pcb-20100929 for Win32 ?

Bob Paddock wrote:

> Why are individuals who are trying to help the project being held to a
> higher standard that the projects own download page?

I'll check, whether this legal fine tuning actually applies to me. After
all, this is Germany here. We are governed by civil law as opposed to 
common law. In addition, the intellectual property hype does not seem 
to be as heated here in Cis-Pondia.

Anyway, to be extra secure, I may offer GTK sources for download, too.

> Using the 'minipack' build system takes care of downloading the
> sources so they would be available to upload to be GPL compliant.

If there were a ready to use installer, or tar ball, or whatever, I'd
be happy to host this, too.  It is not just for the benefit of others, 
but to provide a decent standing for here in the institute. The majority
of PhDs and masters have that other OS installed. 

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