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Re: gEDA-user: Pressing "=" key causes PCB to freeze for a few minutes

   In the default-konfiguration, the '='-Key is for 'Simple optimization'
   from the 'Connects' menu. I can imagine, that this needs some time, but
   I have not tested it now.
   You can disable/modify this by editing the file 'gpcb-menu.res'. There
   is a line
   {"Simple optimization" djopt(simple)  a={"=" "<Key>="}}
   . The Values in the braces after 'a=' are the key-bindings for the
   action 'djopt(auto)'. Just the second value ("<Key>=") is relevant, if
   you are using the gtk-gui. If you use the lesstiff-gui, there is a
   special file 'pcb-menu.res'. You can set anoter (unused) key instead of
   the two '=' or remove the whole part 'a={"=" "<Key>="}', what will
   remove this key-binding for this menu-item.
   Kind regards,
   Am 14.05.2011 16:25, schrieb Thomas Oldbury:

   I have not yet figured out what the "=" key does in PCB, but whenever
   it gets pressed, the program freezes for a few minutes. Unfortunately,
   on my laptop keyboard it is very close to the delete key, so this leads
   to a lot of frustration. How do I turn it off?

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